Author: Dr. Blair Green PT, DPT, OCS, PHC

The last few months I’ve spoken about the need to make yourself a priority. I promise not to overdo it - you get the point. You can’t be there for your family if you don’t take care of yourself first. But the question that comes up all the time as someone is finishing up physical therapy is

“Now What?”

You know exercise is important but what are you actually supposed to do? It’s been months since you set foot in the gym - heck YEARS (thanks pandemic). You feel like your old exercise routine no longer serves you now that you know so much more about what’s good for your mind and body. Maybe you just want something new that you know you can stick with long-term and won’t lead you back to weekly PT. Perhaps you are ready to try it on your own but you would rather not cut the cord just yet.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in PT is discharging patients too soon. Typically, someone comes to therapy because she has a problem or pain she would like resolved. Once it’s “fixed,” she is left on her own to navigate her way and hope everything goes well. I bet you can guess how that usually turns out.  That’s why at Catalyst Physical Therapy we take a stepwise approach; you are learning about yourself and your body throughout the rehab process, and we will not let you off on your own until you feel like you can handle the day-to-day without limitations. This means creating a personalized, appropriate long-term wellness program that you can stick with. Want to return to running? We will take those steps together. Never run before but feel like it would be good for you? Great! Let’s make sure your body can handle those demands. Want to add in yoga or Pilates? We can help with that too. 

The reality is that the sky is the limit as long as it is appropriate for you, takes into consideration your strengths and limitations and is designed in a way that you can stick with it. A program that incorporates both body and mind will keep you injury-free and feeling like you can conquer any challenge that may come your way. We will never pigeon-hole you into an exercise program that does not agree with your lifestyle. Additionally,  we will work with you as you transition to an independent exercise program to work out the kinks, problem solve together and put together the system that works best for you. There is not one perfect way to exercise. As long as you can move, almost every day, in a way that feels good and does not bring pain; incorporate strength, mobility and cardiovascular work; and feel good about what you are doing, you are on your way. 

We promise that you will feel ready to take on life without PT when you decide to step away from Catalyst. That’s right, you get to make that choice as to when you feel completely ready. It’s your body and your life, so it should be up to you. You will never have to go it alone until you say you want to. And you always have a place to come back to if you need a little extra support along the way. Once you become a part of our family you are a Catalyst for Life!


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