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Catalyst Physical Therapy offers a wide variety of services and treatments so that we can best fit each client who walks through our doors. From pre-natal care to pelvic floor dysfunction to generalized muscle weakness, we can help you reach your long-term life goals!

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Physical Therapy

Catalyst Physical Therapy is a concierge practice, emphasizing client-focused, holistic care, one on one treatment and exceptional communication with your physical therapist. We provide a full examination and evaluation on the first visit and work with you to establish the best plan of care to fit your needs and goals.

Our team is experienced with all types of orthopedic injuries, athletic injuries and chronic pain. We understand that many patients have seen multiple providers without resolution. We will work with you to figure out the best approach, whether it involves continuing physical therapy or referring you to another medical or wellness professional. We value a team approach that includes you, the patient, as part of the decision making process. 

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Pelvic Health


Catalyst Physical Therapy was founded as a vehicle to instill change in patients. Often in pelvic health, patients feel stuck, like there is not a way out. We offer a place where you can be heard, where we will make you feel safe and supported and find a way for you to thrive. The team at Catalyst Physical Therapy takes a special interest in pelvic health because we understand the unique needs of women and men who deal with these symptoms on a daily basis. Our values of Integrity, Authenticity and Empathy are crucial to your recovery. We are here to listen and as we do with all of our patients, help you create the best team to get you where you wish to be.

Services: Manual Therapy, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pilates-Based Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Re-education, Post-Partum Return to Activity, Pre-Natal Education, Functional Training, Sport Specific Training, Redcord NEURAC

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Pre-Natal & Post-Partum


We at Catalyst Physical Therapy have a special connection to pregnant women and moms. Research shows that women who are active before and during pregnancy will have an easier time returning to an active lifestyle post-delivery. However, life happens. Pregnancy may bring pain, swelling, fatigue and possibly bed rest. Labor and delivery may be perfect, or it may not go as planned. Post-partum recovery may not be simple. This is where Catalyst Physical Therapy can help. It is our belief that all post-partum moms should receive a musculoskeletal screening by a pelvic health Physical Therapist before resuming full activity. Our physical therapists are trained to respect the unique needs of pregnant and post-partum women and create plans of care that fit into each person’s lifestyle. We treat each of our patients with empathy and work with them to meet their goals.

Because pregnancy and recovery may look different for every woman, Catalyst Physical Therapy has developed customized pre- and post-natal packages. Regular care (including priority scheduling), customized exercise programs, post-natal screening and ongoing support are included.  Our Physical Therapists will listen, will take the time to develop the best program for each patient and will remain with each woman through her full return to activity.

Services: Musculoskeletal complaints associated with pregnancy, Post-Partum Pelvic Girdle Pain, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Retraining, Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise Program, Post-Natal Musculoskeletal Screen


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Consultation, Business & Clinical Mentoring

 Catalyst Physical Therapy is dedicated to educating not only our patients, but also those who live out of town, other physical therapists looking to improve skills, or fitness professionals wanting to learn more about pelvic health. These sessions are customized to allow each client to meet his or her goals. Consultation is not a substitute for medical care and the staff of Catalyst Physical Therapy will make a referral to another medical professional as needed. In-person and virtual consultation sessions are available.


Services: Professional Mentoring, Program Design, Business Consulting, Instruction in Fitness / Wellness Programs, Pilates-based Exercise, Co-Treatment – Physical Therapist

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