Are you Ready to Become a #CatalystMom?  

We are your Women's Health pregnancy experts, providing  personalized support for your childbearing year...

Navigating pregnancy can be overwhelming. Everywhere you look there is conflicting information, and much of it can induce fear and worry. It’s challenging to know where to go and what to do when it comes to staying healthy, continuing to exercise and preparing for labor and delivery. No woman should have to do it alone. And we don’t want you to.


The #CatalystMoms Program will support you through your entire pregnancy including the often forgotten fourth trimester. Investing in the #CatalystMoms program provides continual support for your health and wellbeing throughout pregnancy and the early postpartum period so you don’t have to go it alone and so you can make the best decisions for your long term well-being.


You will receive personalized support to: 


  • Choose the best movement and wellness strategies to help you feel your best in each trimester
  • Feel confident in your birth plan and know how to navigate all of your options
  • Prepare your mind and body for labor and delivery¬†
  • Set yourself up to transition into your fourth trimester with a plan to care for yourself while you learn to care for your baby

And you can do all of this without having to spend a bunch of time spinning your wheels trying to figure it all out. You have women’s pregnancy health experts in your corner helping you make  the decisions that feel right for you.

With the #CatalystMoms program, you can approach each trimester assured that you have the community and your support team in place. 


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