Author: Dr. Blair Green PT, DPT, OCS, PHC

At Catalyst Physical Therapy, we create meaningful solutions for our patients. Many women who struggle with pain and physical limitation also experience overwhelm:

      I’m not myself anymore

      I feel “stuck” in a space that is not serving me

     Ever since my child(ren) was born, I am struggling with self worth and self compassion 

     It’s not the same and I don’t know how to handle it

There is a lot of fear and anxiety that can surround these ideas. Women feel like they are in a place where they have to give something up in order to fully recover. Part of the Catalyst Concierge roadmap focuses on creating new energy and shifting limiting beliefs. Women can then grow into a new lifestyle that is more aligned with their current circumstances. This is what we call a “Lifestyle by Design.”

One of our core values as a company is Lifestyle. Our values reflect who we are as people and what we want to create for our staff AND our patients. Over the next few weeks we will break down what lifestyle is and what it means to create a lifestyle by design: how to structure and prioritize work, rest, family, health, self care, and fun in a way that is meaningful for you. We are unique individuals and we lead unique lives. What works for one person may not work for someone else. Within this framework you can identify how you prefer to set up your days and weeks so that you can meet all of your goals and feel fulfilled without exhaustion and burnout. 

Ready to set up your lifestyle by design? Stay tuned to hear more!