Women's Health Physical Therapy is Changing for the Better

Jul 05, 2022

Author: Dr. Blair Green PT, DPT, OCS, PHC

Welcome to the future of women’s health physical therapy. Where you get to be uniquely you - no expectations, no compromise - and where we help you learn to thrive. And not just now, but for as long as you want to keep working on you.

When I started Catalyst Physical Therapy 5 years ago, it was about finding a way to help women struggling with their health journeys: how could they meet their goals AND feel supported through the process? Fast forward and now we are a little older, a little wiser and still supporting women.

After 5 years of working with women all with unique stories and journeys, I have learned a  lot about the women we serve:

You want to feel EMPOWERED

You want to find SOLUTIONS


This is true regardless of the physical limitations that brought each of you to me in the first place. You each have your own story, beliefs and struggles. However, with a roadmap, and a proven system, you can find your way to confidence, to a capable body, and to a life you love. 

From this, Catalyst Concierge Care was born. I took the common themes, limiting beliefs and blocks that I see in my patients and created a program to help you conquer each of them. A program that will allow you to finally invest in your biggest asset - YOU! To help you see what is possible as you work through your physical limitations and create your lifestyle by design. When you come to Catalyst Physical Therapy, you will work with your therapist to create the program that fits your lifestyle and your goals. Together you will create tools and strategies to move you from feeling pain, burnout, overwhelm and lost in the day to day, to believing in yourself, feeling strong, confident and capable of taking on any challenge that may come your way.

The best part is that once you join the Catalyst Community, you are here for life! Our new Catalyst for Life program will keep you supported and connected no matter your goals. You will be able to do and achieve more with online resources, special programs, and ongoing physical support. 

Check out the Catalyst for Life Roadmap, depicting how we can help you move through your journey in a meaningful and empowered way.