#MomsMatter Blog Post: The Dilemma of a Sick Child

The thermometer read 101 and despite every attempt to get dressed for school, my daughter was struggling. Fortunately, my first client was not until 11. Plenty of time to get her to the doctor, get her medicine and get her situated.

The 11:00 hour approached and the guilt set in - how could I leave my sick child home alone? What should I do? My patients were relying on me to be there. The internal tug of war continued.

Does this scenario seem familiar to you? Fortunately, my kids have remained relatively healthy and I have not had to miss much work for illness. However, each time it happens the inner struggle is the same. Do I stay home? Do I go to work? How do I make up the time ($$) I will lose? How will my clients feel if I have

to cancel on them? Being a compassionate medical provider certainly has a down side. The guilt is real

on the work side as well.

What about my partner? Oh - my husband happens

to be traveling for work this week. Yes, he can usually work from home on days like this (and I can make it into work), but when he is traveling the theme is “all mom, all day.” So many moms and families don’t have the option to have a parent work from home. I am lucky that most of the time we have that option.

So - what to do? Stay home? Go to work? Run away to a deserted island with a good book?

I don’t know that there is a “perfect” answer. I do know that there is the best answer for you - whatever that may be. For me, this time, it was attempting work, and then realizing that was not the best option. So, I prayed that my clients would be understanding, and I found a way to work them in at another time. I can tell just being home makes my daughter feel better. I will go into work for a few hours later today, and I think this compromise will work.

I can say this - do what YOU think it best. It’s not about what someone thinks you should do, or what your boss, or society, or your friends think is the right thing. One of the hardest things is staying true to yourself. I don’t like missing work, but I also don’t like seeing my child not well. And once I made the decision to stay home I felt an inner peace. So for now I will trust that and we will make a decision about tomorrow as the time gets closer.

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