Make Breast Cancer Your Bitch

Here is the story behind the motto: I was in Jamaica with my family and we decided to climb Dunn’s River Falls. It is a beautiful waterfall where everyone links up in a human chain to ascend the travertine falls. The water was freezing, the rocks were slick, and I continuously felt I was going to fall, slide down the waterfall and potentially break something important. My family and a few new friends helped me by holding my hand to keep my balance and pushing me up the falls from behind. Petrified and unsure, I slowly made my way to the top. When I finally made the climb, the relief was immeasurable. I felt proud that I had conquered this mountain of water and while surrounded by my family and new friends I yelled at the top of my lungs, "I made Dunn’s River Falls My Bitch!!" And from that moment on those words became my family’s slogan when one of us accomplishes something that seems insurmountable.

The motto helps me feel strong no matter how big or small the accomplishment. Daily, I see the same strength and resilience by those who are diagnosed and being treated for breast cancer. Please know that in no way am I comparing a waterfall climb to a life-changing diagnosis. Yet, it seems fitting to use the same words to help empower those who may be fighting for their health and recovery. For years I have been educating and treating women and men who are dealing with the side effects of breast cancer treatment. Sometimes my patients and friends need a hand to hold and other times they need a little push to help gather strength, love and resilience. So, for all those who are fighting, let’s continue to Make Breast Cancer Your Bitch!!

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