It Takes a Village

My village consists of individuals who I would describe as: Tough, Resilient, Survivors, Advocates, and Warriors. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the many women and men I have met and treated over the years. What they may not realize is that their words and actions help me to gain strength and a better understanding of myself as a clinician, mom, wife and woman. These wonderful people are a part of my village. They have encouraged me to change and learn about myself with every interaction and evolve by embracing different experiences. My village has inspired me to continue to thrive through their adversity and through my own.

Survivors have become their own advocates with a loud voice screaming for a cure and a change in how they are treated by the medical community. It takes a village to create a support system to get through cancer treatment and survivorship. My great joy is being a part of that village. I love helping to change the course of survivorship (for the better) and managing the side effects of treatment while helping to educate and return individuals to their jobs, hobbies and lives! The goals of treatment differ for everyone, but common needs of support, guidance and understanding are the same for all people dealing with a serious diagnosis.

I want to thank all of you for letting me be a part of your village. I appreciate you allowing me into your lives and sharing the highs and lows of treatment and survivorship. I love that you have advocated for yourselves to find someone to help regain your mobility and strength and to fight to return to everyday activity. And to those who I have yet to meet till a cure can be found, I look forward to our journey and growth together.

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