How Did We Get Here?

When I tell people that I recently wrote a book, they will ask how that came about. For those of you interested in the evolution of Go Ahead, Stop and Pee, read on and hear our story.

A little over a year ago, my friend Kate sent me an email. She wanted to know what I thought about her idea to write a book about how to return to running after pregnancy. It was a no brainer! We set a goal to have it published by the end of the summer.

Yes – that was ONE… YEAR… AGO

And here we are, getting ready to finally publish this book. It has been a love-hate-love process for both of us (luckily not at the same time) and fortunately mostly on the love side of that. This is my second attempt at writing a book. The first was an almost identical subject – how to return to exercise post-pregnancy. It was going well until I (conveniently) became pregnant again and had my second child. It took me ten years to even find time to take on a similar project. I’m convinced, though, that this was the plan for me and I’m grateful I not only waited, but that I have Kate to share along in this journey. We each bring our strengths to the table. I like deadlines and schedules, and am committed to the task. She is funny, creative and sees things big. Her experience as an author has been invaluable as we move from writing to publishing. After connecting with her publicist, we found out that our book may in fact be the first of its kind. We knew that there was not a lot of information available for women. That was our motivation to write this book in the first place. So, we had a decision to make: did we want to spend more money on publicity and set our aim much higher?

If you’ve ever written a book or e-book you know it is relatively easy to self-publish. In fact, you can create a .pdf file, host it on your website and set up a way for interested people to download for free. You can also self-publish through – not 100% free but relatively low cost and low stress. This was our original plan: direct women to our websites, have a link to download and say a prayer that word spread far and fast. After hearing the potential impact we could make with this book, we decided that we needed another plan – one that would get this information in the hands of many more women.

The fact is, Kate and I are both extremely passionate about what we do, and passionate about making sure we can provide the knowledge we have to as many people as possible. Every day we see articles, videos, conversations about both running and women’s health that range from slightly inaccurate to completely incorrect, and can often create a lot of fear around running during pregnancy and postpartum. When we see women in the office, they are met with support, comfort and leave feeling capable and empowered. The journey may be longer than expected at times, but women should feel confident about themselves, their bodies and their capacity to heal (or even become stronger).

The only hurdle standing in our way of spreading this message was cost. Publicity can be expensive. However, we were willing to take the risk knowing the end reward was worth it. The next question we had to answer was how we were going to afford this campaign. Neither of us has done any type of fundraising or crowdsourcing. We thought about a platform such as Kickstarter and looked into what that type of project would entail.

From there, our Kickstarter campaign was born. Take a look, here.

As we mention in the video, and in all of our requests for support, we have 2 goals in mind:

1. To educate as many women as possible on how our bodies respond to pregnancy and how we can keep running during the childbearing year.

2. To offset the cost of this tremendous undertaking.

We know with your help we can get there. This Kickstarter campaign is the first of our many efforts to bring our message to as many people as we can, and with its success it will pave the way for us to continue our efforts. Besides making a contribution, no matter how big or small, you can also help by sharing our campaign – by email, word of mouth and social media. We know our communities of moms, runners and mother runners are small but mighty. Together we can change the message.

Thanks and keep running!

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