Happy Birthday To Us!

Two Years Old. It’s hard to believe it has been two years since I set out on this journey. I remember my first day at the office. Everything was new: new furniture, new supplies, new bank account, a new break room, new co-workers. I was a little hesitant yet cautiously optimistic. I had no expectations. I was so happy to be there but had not carved out what the next year would look like, let alone TWO years. Still, as I reflect back, in many ways it seems like Catalyst Physical Therapy has been here the whole time.

When I first opened Catalyst Physical Therapy, my business coach told me not to make any plans; to let the dust settle and let myself get back on my feet after putting my previous business experience behind me. As hard as it was, I listened. I went to work, treated my patients, enjoyed it, and made no plans for growth or direction. For someone who works all the time, this was extremely difficult. I went on vacation – in fact, 10 days in Israel. Prior to that, I don’t think I ever let myself leave the office for that long. I met new women and started to explore my spirituality. I came home less frantic, and more focused on the things that mattered to me – my family first, my friends, and my business.

Riding a camel in Israel

Despite my newly discovered calm and focus, I began to feel lost at work – what did I want Catalyst to become? What did I want to do next? For the first time in my career, had a “clean slate.” I could paint whatever picture I wanted. There was one problem: I didn’t know what it would look like. Fear set in. How would I know what was meant to be? Was I honoring myself and not just doing what others expected me to do? How was I going to create my masterpiece and not simply what I thought it “should” be?

I spent the next several months with laser focus on my brand. I had to convey the message of Catalyst but not lose my own identity in the process. A stronger, more resilient me emerged.

This picture sits in my office, courtesy of a patient

In a way, this is not only the anniversary of Catalyst but also a birthday for me. Getting the chance to start over in business was an opportunity to work on myself too. To develop a version of me that I can be proud of. A part of me that yes, was always there, just not out in front shining through. Like all businesses, the work doesn’t stop here. With clarity and confidence I look forward to even more growth, from Catalyst Physical Therapy and from myself. Each time a year passes it gives us time to reflect. I am so grateful for every experience I’ve had in this life as an entrepreneur. However, I am even more thankful to live with the excitement of what’s to come!


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