My Story, Part 2

One thing I have realized through my own journey as a mom is that I never could have imagined what it felt like to be pregnant and give birth until I went through it myself. I have always had a love of treating women but my own pregnancy experiences really helped me understand truly how this can affect your body, mind and lifestyle. As much as I love sharing the joy of having my children, it was a personal trauma related to my first pregnancy that really helped me relate to the feeling of how isolating it can be to suddenly find yourself debilitated or slowly watch yourself morph into a woman you hardly recognize.

Last month I told you the beginning of the story about my first pregnancy. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, you can find it here. I went into my first pregnancy nervous, but given all that I knew about the human body I felt pretty confident. I am sure you can relate to all the prep work I did in those first few months:

  • Reading all the books and look up as much information as you can

  • Talking to a million friends who are also pregnant or who have recently given birth

  • Signing up for the best classes at the hospital

  • Having your birth plan strategically mapped out and in place

  • Purchasing all the baby gear and painting the nursery

However, that nerve-cited feeling and confident self-view was quickly shattered and replaced with a sense of surrender and losing control over my body within a matter of days.

It was my seventh month of pregnancy and I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

All the emotions, all the worries, all the disappointment. My husband and I immediately shifted into survival mode. I put my new physical therapy practice on hold, I interviewed pediatricians in bed and my baby shower changed locations. I was placed on bedrest and only left the house for weekly doctor appointments. My son was born via emergency C-section, at 33 ½ weeks. Our new baby, new family experience was never going to be the same.

Next month, I will share how I made it through caring for my preemie, completely deconditioned from my necessary bedrest, producing a healthy milk supply and healing from major surgery.

Until then, if you can relate, or you haven’t been the same since a similar traumatic birth experience, send me a reply so we can connect.

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