Rain Rain Go Away – Inspired by Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma approached and all the metro Atlanta schools closed, kids started jumping for joy and parents groaned at the thought of having to entertain our kids for a full day (or worse TWO FULL DAYS). It’s easy to have kids play outside but with wind, rain, and trees, debris and power lines in the yard that’s not a safe option. I left for work yesterday morning and gave the kids a list of tasks. Maybe I should have made it longer. By the time I arrived home, one was watching TV and the other making slime (yes, the slime fad lives on…). I HAD to find a way to get them more active.

So, physical therapist-mom that I am, I came up with some fun exercises. I make everything a contest; my kids are ultra-competitive. This gets them pumped and makes them want to work hard. Great prizes include big hugs from mom and 10 extra minutes of America’s Got Talent on TV before bedtime.

Are your kids going stir crazy? Driving you crazy? Need something to try for the next time a tropical storm, or snowmageddon comes to wreak havoc on Atlanta? Here are a few safe, fun, active tips and things you can do with your kids:

  1. Make an obstacle course. Time each kid as they go through the course.

2. Wall squat competition: who can hold it the longest?

3. Wheel Barrow Push Ups: I took this from my friends at

www.cheerFIT.com but it’s a great way to engage the kids and get

some teamwork in

4. Inchworm Walking Contest. You could make this a relay if you have

more than 2 kids at your house.

5. Headstand / Handstand Contest: who can hold it the longest?

Give one or even all of these a try. Maybe you want to do compete WITH your kids. It's all in good fun. What other great ideas have you tried? Comment below.

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